If we advocate for life but walk away after a young mom chooses life, we are just pro-birth.

If we advocate for life but have no love, we are just a clanging cymbal in a noisy world.

If we advocate for life and love – moms, babies and families will be saved

There are too many single + pregnant women walking alone and with an Embrace Grace Support Group at Bernadette’s, the women in our community don’t have to. Embrace Grace, Inc. equips us to be the FIRST place a single plus pregnant woman runs to instead of the last because of shame and guilt.”

If you would like to volunteer please contact us:

Jessica Stein 586-733-1429

For more info on Embrace Grace click here

Support group is forming in March 2021

For a 12 week course

Week 1 Connect and Share Stories

Week 2 Open the door to Jesus

Week 3 Establish positive thought patterns

Week 4 Embrace Their own uniqueness

Week 5 Learning to walk by Faith not sight

Week 6 Believe the Truths about Themselves

Week 7 Learning to overcome temptations & desires

Week 8 Soften hearts to remove walls

Week 9 Releasing heavy burdens/ Breaking chains

Week 10 Change the way They see themselves

Week 11 Receiving the Free gift of God’s Grace

Testimony Night

Baby Shower- 12 new gifts

Princess Day- show the Blooms how beautiful they are inside and out


For more info Call Jessica at 586-733-1429

For more info on Pregnancy Centers see below