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Addiction Recovery Resource Center


For more info call

Dale (248) 214-2732

Andrea (586) 944-4783




Enhance existing support for addicts in their recovery in a hands on, loving and caring way

Partner with Mcrest of Macomb County
• Aide clients seeking substance abuse treatment by utilizing Hope Not Handcuffs program
• Direct participants to Mcrest after treatment for temporary housing (based on availability at Mcrest)
Partner with Local Sober Living Homes
• Aide boarders who have stumbled and relapsed by utilizing Hope Not Handcuffs program
• Direct participants to Sober Living houses immediately after treatment
(ARRC would maintain a weekly availability report of beds available at Sober Living houses)

Utilize Bernadette’s building as a center to provide additional education in the prevention of addiction
• Qualified Volunteers
◦ Teach Addicts various skills that aide in the prevention of relapse
◦ Teach Families various skills that aide them in dealing with addiction
◦ Teach Parents of teenage children awareness of the addiction problem and what roll they play in helping to prevent addiction from starting
◦ Teach Teens the dangers of addiction and how to avoid substance abuse

AA Meeting’s at Bernadette’s


Meeting Makers Make It
Monday thru Friday – 10:00am

Table Talk
Wednesday – 7:00pm
Sunday – 7:00pm


For More Information 


Macomb Access Center – 586-948-0222


Hope Not Handcuffs – 833-202-4673